Ottawa vegetable planting guide

Wondering when to best plant your garden?
By George Bushell


1st Week of March Start onions from seeds indoors
Place sweet potatoes in water to sprout indoors 
1st Week of April Start tomatoes, peppers and eggplant indoors
Start early brassicas and romaine lettuce indoors if you have a cold frame
Middle of April (or when soil can be worked) plant peas, radish, lettuce, spinach & a few onion sets for greens outdoors
3rd Week of April Transplant brassicas and romaine lettuce to cold frame
1st Week of May Start watermelon and cantaloupe indoors
Start one container of slicing cucumbers indoors
Plant beets and carrots for early harvest, Swiss chard and storage onions outdoors
Middle of May Start early corn outdoors (if soil reasonably warm)
Plant early potatoes
Last Week of May Cut sweet potato vines into 7-8” pieces and place in 2-3” of water to root
Start mid-season corn, green beans, cucumbers and squash outdoors
Transplant tomatoes and peppers outdoors
1st Week of June Plant lima beans and okra outdoors
Transplant sweet potatoes, watermelons, cantaloupes and slicing cucumber outdoors
2nd Week of june Plant late corn outdoors
Plant winter storage carrots, beets, rutabagas and potatoes outdoors at end of week
Start late season brassicas (cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli) outdoors for later transplanting
1st Week of July Plant Chinese vegetables/cabbage outdoors
Transplant late season brassicas
Late August Start fall garden of radish, lettuce and onion sets
1st Week of September Start spinach and onion sets for spring harvest
Late September Plant garlic bulbs for spring harvest

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