Munchkins sunflower count

Miss Stephie’s Little Munchkin Daycare ventured over to the Orient Park Community Gardens Friday morning on a mission – to count the sunflowers!

They counted approximately 62 at the first plots before venturing further afield closer to the arena.

That;s when the count got a little higher.

And higher.

Rules refresher

Hello gardeners! The board has received numerous complaints related to garden rule infractions. Please take a moment to reread the rules we all agreed to abide by when registering our plots this spring. Orient Park Rules Anderson Road Rules In particular please abide by the following: 1) Slow down! To avoid accidents and damage to the roadway, members and all other individuals travelling on the entrance and through the designated roadways around the plot areas shall not exceed the posted speed limit (20 km per hour). 2) Water use Water must be used carefully and only on garden plots. Washing…

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