Gloucester Community Gardens

Two Locations near Blackburn Hamlet: At Orient Park Dr. and Anderson Rd.
Operated by the Gloucester Allotment Garden Association

The Gloucester Allotment Garden Association annual registration meeting was held on Tuesday, March 22 at Louis Riel High School on Bearbrook Road in Blackburn Hamlet. All of the plots have been allocated for this year. Please note that, because of the demand for plots, the maximum number of plots allowed per family will be reduced from four to two in 2017. Gardeners who already have more than two plots will be allowed to keep the plots that they currently garden. There is still a waiting list for plots. We request that all prospective gardeners submit an email to the Registrar specifying their preferred type of plot (full or half annual or perennial). Please clearly indicate your name, email address and telephone number in your email.

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